HOUSTON The Houston Dynamo fan group Brickwall Firm is apologizing after a homophobic tweet was sent out through their Twitter account during the Dynamo s game against the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday night.

The tweets, which were directed at Galaxy star Landon Donovan, were brought to the Dynamo s attention on Monday. The organization immediately condemned the comments.

The Houston Dynamo strongly condemns the offensive language that appeared on the Twitter feed of Brickwall Firm, one of our supporter groups, read a statement released by the team. The Houston Dynamo does not tolerate homophobic slurs, and promotes an inclusive environment by supporting the League s Don t Cross the Line campaign. We are working very closely with the leaders of Brickwall Firm in investigating the issue and determining an appropriate course of action.

Leaders of the fan group have met with Dynamo president Chris Canetti on both Monday and Tuesday. They also released a statement, apologizing for the gay slurs.

The Brickwall Firm is strongly opposed to any and all biased or ignorant statements that recently appeared on our Twitter feed. The posts in question were in no way any sort of official or condoned statement. We are actively rectifying the situation, and are dedicated to more closely monitoring statements made by individuals purporting to speak for the group. Homophobia and racism are not a part of our agenda, nor anything to do with the atmosphere, culture, and community that we support. Our apologies to @HoustonDynamo, and the soccer supporters community at large.

Canetti spoke to KHOU 11 Sports on Tuesday and says the Dynamo will not hand Brickwall Firm any disciplinary action for the tweets and that the group will handle the incident internally.

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