WEST, Texas -- Insurance experts believe the damage caused by the explosion in West could top $100 million.

The crater it left behind is 10-feet deep and nearly 100-feet wide.

President Obama is expected to fly over it Thursday as he travels from Dallas to Waco to attend the memorial service for victims at Baylor University.

Waco city employees will fill in for West city employees so they may attend.

On Wednesday, residents were cleaning up as best they could down the street from the West Fertilizer Company.

Last Wednesday, a ferocious blast sent massive shockwaves through the neighborhood.

It blew the garage door in, blew the windows out, Nancy Shelton said. It also split the wooden beams overhead and peeled back the ceiling. It was like a war zone, a horror story, if you can was just a very surreal feeling.

In fact, she shared a new photo of the railroad tracks, mangled and fused in the blast.

Thursday morning at 10 a.m., the last checkpoint will open. Residents in the most badly damaged areas closest to the blast can register to enter their homes again. Others like Shelton will be at the memorial service in Waco with the president and first lady.

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