HOUSTON After two weeks of suffering a Houston woman has her pet dog back, thanks to technology, the Internet, and

Sara Ince says losing a her pet was like losing a member of the family.

It was gut wrenching. I have never felt such agony, said the owner of an 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Gizmo.

When Gizmo went missing, Ince said she did not know what to do.

I was a wreck. I could not even function. I was wailing, she said.

She did things the old fashioned way and posted signs with Gizmo s picture and an offer of a $1,000 reward.

They heard nothing for two weeks until Friday, when a letter appeared on the front door of her father s house in Spring which is where the dog was last seen.

It was like a ransom note with no ransom. Basically someone saying we are gonna keep your dog, sorry, Ince remembered.

The letter was signed simply Sherry and included three pictures of the dog. It suggested that the dog had been given as a gift and could not be returned.

That was just mind boggling to me. I just thought that it was outrageous that someone could actually think that that was OK, Ince said.

Ince posted the letter and the story on various Internet sites and then posted a video on

My dog has been kidnapped. This woman took him and gave him as a present, Ince said in her video post.

Just 24 hours later Ince said she was contacted by a family in Livingston who had been given the dog and had seen Ince s pleas on

They found her phone number on Craigslist where Ince had been posting every day. The family had nothing to do with the note and so they met with Ince early Sunday morning.

Gizmo was returned in exchange for a pure-bred Yorkie puppy and a gift card for supplies. All thanks to the kindness of cyber strangers.

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