HOUSTON -- A Cleveland couple is searching for answers after a big disappointment at Sunday night s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo performance.

Brandy Tudor and her husband were trying to go see what is expected to be George Strait's final show at RodeoHouston. They say when they arrived at the gate at Reliant Stadium, the ticket taker told them that their tickets had already been scanned.

The Tudors paid $357 for the tickets, drove 90 minutes from Cleveland and got a babysitter for their five children to attend the last concert of the Rodeo.

My oldest has autism, my middle daughter has cerebral palsy, said Brandy Tudor. I only have a handful of people able to watch them, so a babysitter is a big deal.

But when they got to the gate, they weren t allowed to enter the stadium.

It looks like somebody else scanned your same tickets, Tudor remembers being told by the ticket taker. They've already been used.

Tudor said she specifically went to the official Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo website to buy the tickets, so she wouldn't have a problem. From the HSLR page, she was sent to

There are so many no name places and I don't know who those people are, she said.

But Tudor said after she paid, her receipt came from Tickets to Go, a Pearland ticket reseller not associated with Ticketmaster.

KHOU 11 News contacted Tickets to Go who are working to find out what happened.

He apologized and was very, very polite, and offered to refund us double the ticket price, said Tudor.

Concertgoers access copycat websites designed to look like real ones, which link to other ticket brokers. So it s very important to check for disclaimers.

Also, don't take pictures of your tickets and post of them on social media saying you're heading to an event. Why? The barcodes can be copied; and, only the first ticket at the gate gets in.

11 News also spoke with Ticketmaster who is also looking into the matter.

We also contacted Leroy Shafer, the Chief Operating Officer of the HLSR, who provided these tips for protecting yourself and your tickets:

  • The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo licenses only one ticket seller and that seller is Ticketmaster.
  • Unless you buy your tickets from Ticketmaster or directly from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, you are buying from a ticket reseller.
  • When you buy from a ticket reseller you are doing so at your own risk. There are literally hundreds of resellers in the business and they go to great lengths to produce websites that appear to be official websites of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
  • Research the price of tickets before buying. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo publishes its prices. If you are paying $160 for at ticket that has a face value of $25, you are not buying it from Ticketmaster of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
  • Protect the barcode on tickets that you purchase. The Rodeo uses a scanning system that only allows a barcode to scan in once. If you post a picture of your ticket online and someone copies it and scans in before you, your ticket will not be valid when you arrive at the event.
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