HOUSTON -- A 16-year-old Houston girl will be able to keep her unborn child after winning a legal battle against her parents.

The teen is 10 weeks pregnant.

She claims her parents wanted to force her to have an abortion, according to court documents.

When she refused, her parents took away her car and cell phone.

Because of the intense pressure she was getting form her parents, the girl decided to sue her parents and file a temporary restraining order.

An agreement was made in family court on Monday and the girl s parents cannot force her to abort her pregnancy.

The lawsuit that was filed, details a verbal threat the parent s made toward their daughter. It claimed the girl s mother suggested to family members she might slip the teen an abortion pill through deception.

The boyfriend s parents stepped in to help. They eventually contacted the Texas Center for Defensive Life, who represented the girl in court.

The father of the child, Evan Madison, is relieved by the outcome.

Madison said it was very important to fight for his baby

My father wasn t in my life, and I wasn t going to be him, said Madison. I still today do not know him.

In court on Monday, attorney s cited a law that states a person, regardless of their age, cannot be forced to have an abortion.

The teen couple says they plan to marry soon.

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