HOUSTON A 52-year-old man arrested after he tried to run over police late Friday night near downtown, according to the Houston Police Department.

HPD said that at about 11:25 p.m. Mario Diaz-Gomez pulled into the parking lot of the Lorenzo s Restaurant in the 1100 block of Shepherd and attempted to park in the valet area.

The valet told Diaz-Gomez that he could not park there, and he became angry and sped out of the parking lot almost running over the valet.

After the valet called HPD, police spotted the Diaz-Gomez in his car driving down Washington Street near Shepherd and attempted to pull him over. He refused to stop and accelerated, but spun out at Houston Avenue and ended up facing the wrong direction.

Police exited their vehicle and instructed Diaz-Gomez to stop, but he took off and tried to run them over. Police opened fire, but only hit the car. Diaz-Gomez then reversed and tried to speed off, but was blocked by two police cruisers who had pulled up behind his car.

Diaz-Gomez slammed into the two cars. Another officer pulled up to the scene and was able to stun him with a Taser.

Diaz-Gomez was taken into custody and now charged with including aggravated assault against a public servant and evading arrest with bond set at a total of $45,000 for both charges.

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