GALVESTON, Texas-- Carnival Cruise Lines announced Wednesday it would cancel 12 more voyages of its Carnival Triumph, effecting sailings From Feb. 21 to April 13.

The Feb. 11 and Feb. 16 cruises were already canceled.

The company said guests would receive a full refund of their cruise fare as well as any other pre-paid non-refundable transportation costs.

Guests will also receive a 25 percent discount on a future three- to five-day Carnival cruise or a 15 percent discount on a six- to seven-day cruise.

The cancellations come after the Carnival Triumph suffered an engine fire while in the Gulf of Mexico on its way back to Galveston. The ship became stranded with more than 3,000 passengers onboard.

Triumph was expected to be towed to Alabama by late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

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