AUSTIN, Texas-- There may soon be limits on how much junk food Texans on food stamps can purchase.

Two new bills filed at the State Capitol would limit items purchased on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

A representative from Edinburg wants to prevent people from using SNAP funds to buy energy drinks. Another representative from Laredo wants to take it a step further, outlawing junk food from the food stamp program.

There's nothing nutritious or healthy about these products and in fact they're potentially dangerous to children. We don't believe you should be able to use government funds to buy them, Terry Canales (D) of Edinburg said.

We should not be, on the one hand, using money, tax dollars, to buy junk food and then, on the other hand, using tax dollars to pay for health-related diseases that come about because of junk food, Richard Pena Raymond (D) of Laredo said.

TheUSDA estimates 4.1 million Texans rely on food stamps.

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