Two planes made emergency landings at Easterwood Airport in the College Station area Friday morning.

A Texas A&M Flying Club plane and a two-seat Cessna 152 collided in mid-air with another small plane, a four-seat Sirrus-22, The Federal Aviation Administration said. This happened 8 miles southeast of College Station.

That is contrary to initial reports from airport officials, who said a wheel came off the A&M Flying Club plane in mid-flight and fell into the other plane's windshield.

One plane landed with damage to its cockpit windshield. Then, another plane made an emergency landing without one of three front wheels.

The A&M Flying Club plane reportedly had a pilot and an instructor in the cockpit. The instructor took over the controls to land the plane. The other had just a pilot on board from Austin who was on his way to the area to visit relatives.

Emergency crews at the airport responded. Both planes landed without incident and no injuries have been reported.

The A&M Flying Club is a non-profit and not affiliated with Texas A&M.

Lynn Lunsford with the FAA told News 3 that neither plane was talking to the air traffic control tower at the time of the collision. The FAA is conducting a full investigation.

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