GALVESTON, Texas Is it going to get cold, really cold this winter with lashings from Blue Northers, Arctic Blasts or even a Siberian Express?

They ve invaded the county in the past, bringing sudden temperature drops that stunned fish so that they could be scooped out of the bay. There are tales of ice skaters on a frozen Sabine Pass and boats frozen in the harbor.

Such a scenario is not likely this year, weather experts say, but they say it cautiously.

It s probably not happening this year, said Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas state climatologist, speaking from his office at Texas A&M University. But it s not impossible that it could happen again sometime.

We have global warming, and that has raised the temperature one or two degrees, but a really cold arctic blast can be 30 or more degrees below normal, so one or two degrees isn t going to make much difference.

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