HOUSTON A Houston police officer just happened to come across a smash-and-grab burglary in progress Monday at a convenience store in northeast Houston, police said.

He spotted two men in a stolen pickup truck ramming the front of the store on Mesa Drive and Linda Vista Road around 2 a.m.

Surveillance video captured the truck ramming the store several times, but burglar bars and other items placed against the wall thwarted their efforts.

They were still trying to get inside when they saw the cop drive by.

The driver of the truck sped off and the officer followed him.

The suspect lost control and slammed into a tree off of Mesa Drive. He was arrested.

The other suspect got away on foot.

The store owner showed up later to find her store in ruins. She had a message for the suspects.

You know, that s not the way to get the money, said Huma Rahman. If they want the money, they have to work hard. That s the way to get your money.

Rahman s son was also frustrated.

We treat everyone as friends and family, and this is what they do to us? said 13-year-old Mustafa Rahman, the owner s son.

The family has been victimized before. In 2009, Mustafa s dad was shot by a robbery. Thankfully, he survived.

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