HOUSTON -- Marcus and Marlon Davis areidentical 5-year-oldtwins who could be the next big rappers to hail from Houston. But first, they'll have to overcome an obstaclebigger thanthose typically faced by singers seeking fame in the rap game.

Their group -- The Official Two Times Two -- is out with their new single called, I'ma Act Bad.

The twins were four when they started rapping, but they're moving up quickly.

Marcus and Marlon recently had their first live performance at a small downtown venue.

It was fantastic. I thought they were going to be nervous but they weren't, said their mother, Felicia Pollard.

Their mother is nervous for another reason.The twins have a severe case of sickle cell anemia.

They've been hospitalized 36 times, both of them, Pollard said. Marlon, we almost lost him before Thanksgiving, said their aunt and manager, Linda Marshall.

Doctors have told the family that the twins may not live to see the age of 21. Sickle cell causes the boys' red blood cells to collapse into a crescent shape. This can lead to organ damage. It always leads to excruciating pain.

In between hospital stays, Marcus and Marlon enjoy sessions in the studio.

It keeps 'em focused, you know, keeps their mind off their pain, Marshall said.

Their next goal is to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

We want to rock her show, Marlon said. We want to dance with Ellen.

Ellen s staff is presently on break for the holidays and could not be reached for a reaction.

If the little boys do make it onto the show, they can cross it off their bucket list.

In the meantime, there is a blood drive the family hopes will get the public s attention. Marcus and Marlon require regular transfusions to stay alive and avoid debilitating pain.

To everybody out in the Houston area, their aunt said, can you please come out and donate blood for them cuz they really need it?

If you d like to help, you can donate blood at any of the 13 Gulf Coast Regional Blood Centers in the Houston area. Be sure to tell them you are doing it for Marlon and Marcus Davis. Their blood drive continues until January 2. Locations and hours for the donation sites are here.

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