HOUSTON - People living at the Spanish Village Apartments at 4000 Griggs Road woke up to a tragedy Saturday morning.

They said a man stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death in one of the apartments. They believe the former couple s two children were also inside at the time.

Relatives identified the victim as Dalena Anderson. They said she was just hoping to begin the New Year with a new start.

Anderson had recently broken up with her boyfriend, who was also the father of their son and daughter, ages 7 and 9.

It s just horrible, her father, Manuel Dotson, said. Dotson lives at the complex too and learned there was trouble when his grandchildren showed up at his door.

And they woke us up out of our sleep at seven this morning, saying that their mom and dad was fighting and she was on the floor bleeding, he said.

He said he rushed over to their apartment to see that his daughter had been stabbed in the heart.

Neighbors said the man responsible was just a few blocks away at the time, and took his own life at a bus stop.

They said they saw him lurking around and that it was no secret he had problems with drugs. Many knew him, because he did maintenance work at the complex.

And she was too sweet a person for him to just take her life from her children, Cathy Harrison, a friend, said.

Dotson said he looked at his daughter s cell phone this morning and noticed that Dotson had also been sending her threatening texts.

You never know what, what people are actually thinking, Kesha Martin, Anderson s sister, said. And you never know what people are actually going through inside their own minds.

He said his grandchildren will be living with him for the time being.

They re already hysterical, Dotson said of his grandchildren. They re in a fog, they don t even know how to feel. They can t even really, they don t, they can t even make nothing out of what s really going on.

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