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HOUSTON In a world where death and devastation often dominates the headlines, we are always glad to deliver news that brings a smile. Here are 11 of the most popular good news stories that were clicked on by visitors this year:

Coming in at No. 1 is the story of the Pearland sextuplet s homecoming. Lauren and David Perkins three boys and three girls were born at Texas Children s Hospital on April 23. The last baby was released from Texas Children s Hospital on Sept. 17.

The second most popular good news story was about another child being released from the hospital. Two-year-old Adalynn Willett was born with her intestines and liver outside of her body, and after enduring 28 surgeries and spending 850 days in the hospital, she was finally able to go home with her family.

An adorable pet pig became the third most clicked on good news story. Wilbur was at the center of a year-long legal battle between a Spring family and their HOA. The HOA said Wilbur was livestock and had to go, but in May a judge decided Wilbur could stay with his family.

The introduction of the thriving Perkins sextuplets is the fifth most clicked on good news story. On May 5 Lauren and David Perkins released the first pictures of the three boys and three girls who were born 10 weeks premature at Texas Children s Hospital. The largest baby weighed just 2 pounds, 15 ounces.

A soldier who surprised his sons at a Texans game is the sixth most clicked on good news story. As the Texans presented the three young brotherswith jerseys on the sidelines, Toro drove up with a giant gift-wrapped box and their dad, a soldier serving in Afghanistan, was hiding inside.

A Kingwood mom who became a quadruple amputee after giving birth was a tragic story, but her progress generated lots of well wishes and clicks on The good news about Katy Hayes beginning a journey to receive a double arm transplant is the seventh most popular good news story.

A toddler found safe inside a stolen vehicle was the eight most popular good news story on He was abducted from the parking lot of a southwest Houston Walmart when his mother left him inside as she ran into the store to use the ATM. The child was found unharmed the next morning.

The ninth most popular good news story on is about a breakthrough for an honor student who was jailed for tardiness and truancy. Diane Tran, who worked two jobs to support her family, was sent to jail for a day after missing about 18 days of school during the year. But a Montgomery County judge later dismissed the contempt charges against the 17-year-old Willis High School student.

The 10th most popular good news story is about a Sugar Land man who survived a gruesome 18-wheeler crash. Greg Meece said he felt blessed and lucky to be able to walk out a hospital after an 18-wheeler overturned and crushed his vehicle.

Finally, rounding out our list of most popular good news stories is a Rice University football coach s decision to sign a high school player despite his career-ending heart condition. The standout football player was offered a full scholarship to play for the school before he was ever diagnosed and he will still be able to attend the school.

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