DALLAS -- WFAA-TV's Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus saysnortheast Texas hasa significant weather change in the forecast for next week.

I don't want to burst your bubble, but it does not appear as though we will have a White Christmas, Delkus said. No White Christmas in North Texas -- that means snow on the ground when you wake up on Christmas morning.

But Delkus said a storm system that is currently to the south of Alaska will dive to the south and will track across Arizona and New Mexico. Computer models have that system will move just to the north of our area.

If the track stays to the north,theDallas areawill see light rain in the evening hours of Christmas Eve.

Light rain will continue in the vicinity on Christmas Day. After dark, that light rain will mix with and change to a little bit of sleet in North Texas and snow in WestTexas and the Panhandle.

It's entirely too early to talk about accumulations, Delkus warned.

In the Houston area, there's no chance for freezing precipitiation --just a lot of rain.

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