SAN ANTONIO -- A Marine corporal travels half way around the world to be with his two sons for Christmas. He met one of his sons for the first time this past weekend.

It had been a year and half since Marine Corporal Salvador Gonzales was home to see his family.This past weekend he met his one-year-old son that wasn t even born when he was deployed to Okinawa, Japan.

On Monday Gonzales visited Shultz Elementary School to surprise his other son, 5-year-old Nathaniel.

Nathaniel s mother said, His dad asked him the other day, What do you want for Christmas? and he said, 'You in a box.'

Cpl. Gonzales returned home Friday and he has actually been hiding out in his own home in an upstairs bedroom waiting to surprise his son at school on Monday.

He had no idea, said Gonzales, I mean I was throwing balls at him trying to get his attention and when he asked, who threw that and his mom would say she threw it.

So in front of the classroom, the corporal popped out of a Christmas-wrapped box, surprising his son with a wish granted.

Both father and son hid their tears in front of the rest of the class.The corporal said, He was holding back also he s exactly like me.
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