SAN ANTONIO -- Texas laws against drunk driving have come a long way, but they could get even tougher.

Some are asking lawmakers to require first-time DWI offenders to get an ignition interlock installed in their vehicles.

Down at LifeSafer, the garage is bustling, but they re not installing just any car parts: They're putting in ignition interlocks.

We re extremely busy, one technician said.

They could be even busier in the future. Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants Texas lawmakers to pass a law requiring first-time DWI offenders to get an interlock.

And just this week the National Transportation Safety Board made the same recommendation to all states.

Currently, there are only 17 states that require an interlock after the first DWI.

With an ignition interlock, a driver can t have any alcohol on their breath or the vehicle won t start.

San Antonio drivers who spoke with KENS 5 had mixed reactions.

That s good. It (ignition interlock) won t give them an opportunity to get in trouble, Mary Casiano said.

No, I think everyone should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes initially, said a driver who wished to remain nameless. After that, if there s a repeat offender, they should pose a stiffer penalty for those individuals.

The San Antonio Police Department is also asking Texas lawmakers to consider allowing permanent DWI checkpoints across the state.

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