DALLAS - Stacee McWilliams said she came forward to set the record straight about what she saw Josh Brent do in the minutes after the deadly crash that killed his best friend and Dallas Cowboys teammate, Jerry Brown, Jr.

He wasn't a hero and he wasn't trying to help this man, said McWilliams, 40.

The Irving woman said she was one of two people to pull up to Brent's overturned Mercedes minutes after the crash on the Highway 114 westbound service road early Saturday morning.

I'm like, 'Are you alright? Are you okay?,' McWilliams said she asked Brent. He was like, 'Yeah, I'm okay.' Then the lady in the [other] car said 'I've already called 911.'

That's when the engine in the overturned Mercedes caught fire, McWilliams said, and she began to hear cries for help.

I looked at him and said, 'Is there somebody in the car? Is there somebody in the car?!' He was like, 'Yeah,' she said.

McWilliams said she snapped a blurry image of the scene on her mobile phone, which shows a parked fire truck and smoke rising in the center.

I said 'Get him out of the car,' she recounted to News 8. 'You can't just stand here and watch this man die. Pull him out of the car!' And he said to me, 'He won't get out.' I said, 'Get him out of the' - you know, commanded him - 'get him out of the car!'

McWilliams said Josh Brent finally took action and pulled a badly injured Brown out into the road, as the first Irving police cars arrived.

Even after he pulled him out of the car, he wasn't like, 'Hang in there, man' or 'Help is on the way,' which you would think a friend would really do, McWilliams said.

She first contacted The Dallas Morning News to reveal what she witnessed, and said she wasn't close enough to Brent to determine if he had been drinking.

But the 40-year-old Irving woman said police never took her statement, since she didn't witness the accident itself.

Brent's attorney did not immediately return messages left by News 8 on Monday evening. But he told The Dallas Morning News that his understanding is that Brown was never conscious after the accident. McWilliams' story is absolutely false, attorney George Milner told the paper, and inconsistent with what police said when they got on the scene.

After News 8 interviewed McWilliams, she said Irving police finally called her back and requested she meet with investigators on Tuesday to reveal what she witnessed last weekend.


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