HOUSTON -- A Houston man is charged with robbing a pregnant woman and her two children at gunpoint.

Prosecutors said Bladimir Guevara, 17, is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Maricela Vargas told police she was walking with her two daughters, ages four and 11, on Nov. 15 on the 9300 block of Town Park Drive in Houston when Guevara and two others approached her with a black semi-automatic pistol.

Vargas said one of the three suspects put the gun up to her stomach and threatened to shoot her if she did not give them money. She told them she did not have money but said they could have her cell phone.

Guevara and the other two suspects took her phone and ran away.

A concerned citizen then stopped a patrol officer and said the suspects were harassing people in the area. About five minutes later, the three were stopped by the officer across the street.

Guevara was questioned by police and admitted to robbing Vargas with the other two suspects.

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