PASADENA, Texas Police are warning drivers to be on the lookout for thieves targeting people while they are at the gas pump.

Police said that in a recent case a woman got out to pump gas and left the car unlocked because her grandchild was in the back. A thief pulled up and grabbed her purse from the unlocked car.

Locking your car while pumping gas most of people don t bother.

You think that people are not that brazen, Lynette May, a driver, said refer to thieves who would dare to walk up to an unsuspecting driver.

The thieves are waiting for drivers to get out and walk to the pump so they can sneak into unlocked cars and steal.

What woman wants to get her purse when she gets out to pump gas and you think you re right there, May said.

Police said it has happened at least four times recently.

One driver, Tim McMahon, said he does not need a reminder.

I don t know, McMahon said. I lock the car. It s locked right now yeah. Habit yeah.

McMahon s rule is to lock up no matter what and make sure valuables are always hidden.

And what should a driver do if they have a child in the back? Police say lock the doors, but leave the door closest to you open.

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