PEARLAND A Pearland mother was shocked to learn that her toddler managed to escape from his day care twice on Wednesday.

Two-year-old Phillip crawled out of his room and walked out a front door thathad beenleft open. Employees were right behind him the first time. They took him back inside and called his mom to assure her it wouldn t happen again.

But it did. Less than an hour later, little Phillip walked out the same door that had been left open before.

A woman spotted the toddler walking toward Cullen Parkway. She picked him up and flagged down a nearby police officer.

The officer returned Phillip to Brilliant Beginnings Day Care and discovered they weren t even aware that he was missing.

I m upset. I was scared. I was relieved that he was okay. But I was upset, said Vanecia Tolbert, Phillip s mom. I mean words can t really describe how I felt because I felt so many mixed emotions.

Tolbert was even more upset because it happened twice.

I just ask why did the door have to be open? We have little kids here, said Tolbert. Maybe this doesn t happen all the time, but in the event that it does happen, like it did today twice, you should have the door shut. That s just safety precaution in my eyes.

Tolbert said she plans to find another day care for Phillip.

Police reported the incident to theDepartment of Family Protective Services, which is in charge of this day care s license.

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