HOUSTON A man accused of trying to lure an Alief ISD 8th-grader into his car was arrested Monday morning.

The student at Holub Middle School told his parents a man in a white 2-door Chevy Cavalier had been following him to school every day for a week. He said he spotted the vehicle every morning around 7:15 on Bissonnet near Dairy Ashford.

Thursday morning, the man stopped in a parking lot and got out to try and get him to get in to the car with him, said Alief ISD spokesperson Susan Castro. The boy told him, No.

The boy was able to get the suspect s license plate number the following day so police set up a sting Monday morning.

The suspect showed up again like clockwork and tried to entice the boy, according to police. They were watching with binoculars and they quickly moved in to arrest Roberto Orellana, 27.

While in handcuffs, Orellana denied that he blew the boy kisses and tried to lure him into his car.

In Spanish, he explained that we looked at him. My female cousin and myself were just playing, but nothing more.

Orellana claimed that he drove down Bissonnet daily to drop his cousin off and never followed the boy.

But the suspect s cousin gave a statement to police that backs up the boy s story.

Orellana is charged with felony enticement.

It s just a classic case of a child doing the right thing when faced with stranger danger, said Castro. We just can t overemphasize enough: parents please talk with your children.

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