SAN ANTONIO-- About 50 people spent the night in their cars at Woodlawn Lake Park Friday.

It's definitely going to be uncomfortable, said Karla Verastigue.

Verastigue doesn't usually sleep in the back of her truck. But, she's doing it tonight - in honor of homeless veterans.

One Night One Hope is an event to raise awareness and money for homeless veterans.

Our veterans volunteer, leave their homes, friends, and families to protect our nation and protect our way of life, said City Councilman Cris Medina. It is a disgrace and an injustice to have our nation's heroes sleeping on the street. This is the first step in what I intend to be an ongoing effort to address this issue.

It's estimated 400 veterans are homeless in San Antonio. The Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association sponsored this year's sleep-in-your-car event and provides affordable housing to veterans.

We would like to thank the leadership of our business supporters in San Antonio. With their partnership, Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association will be able to fully serve more than 250 veterans and dependents, with hopes to serve an additional 100 veteran families through 2013, said JenniferGonzalez, executive director of AAMHA.

Each participant paid $25 to sleep in their vehicles at the park. All of the money raised will go to buy much needed items for homeless veterans.

For people like Verastigue, it's about pointing out an injustice. To her, it makes no sense that our nation's heroes would have to sleep on the streets.

This is the first year for One Night One Hope and it's expected to take place again next year.

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