HOUSTON The mother of a girl who says she was raped demanded justice Monday as she vowed to find the person responsible.

He needs to be caught, she said. I m not going to stop looking and I m not going to stop searching.

The alleged assault took place last week on Wednesday, and involved a 15-year-old Yates High School Freshman who was heading home.

Her mom said the girl left school and boarded a Metro Bus. She was attacked not long after getting off the bus near her southeast Houston home.

A truck pulled up and the man pulled her inside. My daughter said the passenger door handle was broken and she couldn t get the door open.

The attacker drove a couple of blocks away to an abandoned house. The girl told her mom the man forced her inside and raped her.

She said she got away because he got up to clean himself and she ran out the back door, the mother said.

The victim was taken to the hospital and given a rape exam. Houston Police were scheduled to meet with the girl and her mom to work on a composite sketch.

The suspect was described as a middle-aged black man weighing as much as 300 pounds. He was said to be over six feet tall and bald, with a salt and pepper goatee.

He was last seen driving a late model black dodge ram with a black camper.

Volunteers with the National of Islam passed out flyers in the neighborhood hoping to locate witnesses.

We re asking you to please come forward, said Deric Muhammad. Don t worry about being labeled a snitch. You should worry about being labeled a coward.

The victim s mother said her daughter was traumatized by what happened.

I keep telling her it s not her fault and that we re going to get through this, she said.

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