TEXAS CITY A lot of cleanup is going on at a home on Sparrow Way N in Texas City after a car plowed into the house.

It happened on Thursday at Mary Gamble s house while she was at Walmart. Her grandson was at home and called.

He said you need to come home, it s an emergency, said Gamble. I could hear the alarms going off, but I said what kind of emergency?

The emergency was a Lincoln Town Car careening out of control. It popped the curb, plowed through her fence, into the bedroom and stopped in the hallway.

I was just glad my grandson was okay, said Gamble. My worry was the little lady that was in the house in a car.

That lady was an 85 year old, who witnesses say lost control down the street.

Texas City police are not sure if the woman had some type of medical issue, or if something was wrong with the brakes on her Lincoln.

The woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Emergency crews pulled the car out of the house and plucked Gamble s clothes off the grill of the car.

We got panties hanging out in the yard, when they dragged the car out it, said Gamble. It was funny, but I cried. Don t get me wrong.

Gamble says in the past few years, she has done as much as $60,000 dollars worth of renovations.

As long as nobody got hurt, I can take care of this she said.

Both women have insurance. Gamble said the elderly driver is out of the hospital and called to say she was sorry.

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