HOUSTON A Houston woman accused in more than 16 purse snatchings ripped off an elderly woman in a grocery store parking lot and racked up charges on her credit card, according to Houston police.

Tamia Moss, 38, was charged with felony credit/debit card abuse.

Police said Moss snatched an 84-year-old woman s purse in the Food Town parking lot in the 7500 block of Airline on September 3.

The elderly woman said Moss was backed into a parking spot next to her car and her motor was running.

Thinking nothing was strange about that, she set her purse in her front passenger seat so she could put her grocery bags in her car. That is when Moss hopped out of her vehicle, opened the elderly woman s door and grabbed her purse.

The woman tried to snatch her purse back, but she was not fast enough.

Moss then fled the scene in her black vehicle, which had heavy rear-end damage. The victim chasedthe vehicle whilescreaming for help.A witness jotted down a partial license plate number D1872 and handed it to the victim. Police were then called to the scene.

The victim said her deceased husband s wedding band was in the purse, along with her credit cards.

On the same day of the purse snatching, the stolen credit cards were used at Dollar General and a Walgreens, both located on E. Crosstimbers.

The suspect also used another card at a Chase ATM in the 5200 block of Airline.

Investigators used surveillance videos from the stores and the license plate to get a positive identification.

They then discovered that Moss had been listed as the primary suspect in 16 other purse-snatching cases in Houston.

A warrant wasissued for her arrest. No bond has been set.

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