HOUSTON A Houston mother and father were both arrested after their infant son suffered head trauma so severe, he remains in a vegetative state, according to Houston police. The baby s twin brother was also found to have severe injuries.

Jessica Marie Carner, 22, and Jarroin Louis Carner, 26, were both charged with felony injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

Emergency responders with the Houston Fire Department were dispatched to the couple s home on February 21 after receiving reports that an infant was not breathing.

When they arrived, Jessica Carner brought the baby to the ambulance. The baby was unresponsive and not breathing so EMS immediately began performing CPR. The mother rode with the child to Texas Children s Hospital and the father came later after making child care arrangements for their other children.

Doctors discovered the baby boy suffered subdural hematomas, an extra axial hemorrhage and an anoxic brain injury which resulted in cardiac and respiratory failure, renal failure and shock. The baby also suffered retinal hemorrhaging. Doctors said the baby suffered abusive head trauma possibly as a result of being violently shaken.

Houston police and Children s Protective Services went immediately to get the couple s other children and took them to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

Doctors then found the baby s twin brother had a healing rib fracture, acute/ subacute fracture of the right clavicle and a right radial shaft abnormality. Doctors found the injuries to be suspicious for non-accidental trauma.

Jessica Carner denied any wrongdoing and said her husband cared for the babies alone for four hours the day before one of the twins became unresponsive.

She said on that day, she fed and changed the baby, then handed him to his father.

She noticed the baby was blue and not breathing when she tried to wake him up later.

A CT scan of the baby revealed massive brain injury with chronic and acute brain bleeds. That severe hemorrhaging resulted in multi-system failures.

Jessica Carner said she noticed her baby s head was growing but his body was not a few weeks before the incident occurred. She said she did not take him to the hospital because they no longer had Medicaid.

Doctors said the twins were born prematurely in November and remained in the ICU until they were discharged in December. At the time of their discharge, both babies had a normal head ultrasound. Investigators also determined Medicaid was in place for the twins prior to discharge, but the parents never took the twins in for any medical treatment or follow-up appointments.

The baby never regained consciousness and is surviving in a vegetative state with an extremely poor quality of life. Doctors said it is in the best interest that the child to be a DNR Do Not Resuscitate both inside and outside of the hospital.

Jarroin Carner was given no bond.

Jessica Carner s bail was set at $30,000.

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