HOUSTON How far would you go for fabulous hair? How about using placenta the gooey afterbirth on your scalp? Placenta products have hit the shelves so we wanted to find out if they really work.

Queen Helene, La Bella, Hask and other products use cow and sheep placenta, not the human stuff.

The placenta is a protein, which gives hair bounce and shine. Chemically, it s the same as any other protein found in shampoos and conditioners.

Don t pregnant women have great hair?

Yes, that s been tracked down to the hormones in the placenta, U of H Professor of biochemistry professor Dr. Chad Wayne said.

Those hormones, however, have been removed from the placenta in hair products. Otherwise the product would be classified as a drug.

Hair products do differ, but that s because of the amounts of protein and other chemicals, like detergents, used.

According, placenta is a substance that is probably very, very cheap.

Jessica Ramirez and Sarah Salinas, professional shampoo ladies at the fashionable River Oaks Urban Retreat Salon on West Gray, agreed to help us test volunteers.

In a blind test, our volunteers did not know which side of their heads was treated with the placenta product on it and which side had the alternate product.

Both judges chose the non-placenta side for feel, but the placenta side for scent.

Would our judges use a placenta product?

If it s good for my hair, I m willing to try anything! Jessica quipped.

No, cause I m a vegetarian, Sarah replied.

Interestingly, the placenta shampoo labels read: Environmentally friendly. This product is not tested on animals.

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