HOUSTON The family of the man shot and killed in a road rage incident Monday says he didn t deserve to die.

Loved ones identified the man gunned down as 22-year-old Jonathan Ables. They spoke exclusively with KHOU on Monday evening.

According to family members, Ables was headed to work Monday morning as a valve tech for oil field equipment. They said he was with a coworker when he was killed by gunfire.

The woman who shot Ables said she feared for her life. However, Ables girlfriend doesn t believe the entire story is being told.

He s not aggressive. He s just a regular guy, said Evelyn Bautista.

Ables was shot around 7:20 a.m. at a Shell gas station on Perry near FM 1960 in northwest Harris County. The woman who shot the 22-year-old said he was viciously banging on her window.

The two had been in a minor fender bender and had both pulled over.

Evelyn Bautista believes her boyfriend was simply trying to get the woman s insurance information. She has questions for the woman who pulled the trigger.

I ll leave it up to God. I m not one to judge. It s just unfair that they took him away from me like that, she cried. I just want justice. That s it.

Bautista said she found out about her boyfriend s killing online.

Ables sister-in-law said she feels investigators immediately sided with the woman who opened fire.

If you don t even contact the victim s family, that just shows how you re already siding on one side, you don t even care what the other people are feeling to even tell them, she said.

The sister-in-law, who didn t want to give her name, described Ables as a nice guy. She said she finds it hard to believe that he was a serious threat.

If she feared for her life or something, why didn t she just drive off? Why d she have to attack him? I don t understand, she added.

The woman who pulled the trigger was not arrested. Her attorney described a much different story.

[She] got involved in road rage with an individual who wrecked her car, followed her into a gas station and jumped out of his car and began attacking her car, said family attorney Letitia Quinones.

Quinones said her client has a concealed handgun license and was forced to react in the face of danger.

She did only what anybody in that position would be. She was in fear of imminent bodily injury or death and she ended herself, said Quinones.

Now it ll be up to a grand jury to decide what, if anything will happen in the wake of the man s death.

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