HOUSTON After nearly losing his own life and being awarded a Purple Heart, a local soldier is now coming home to his wife and newborn baby.

Specialist Jesse Shultz was wounded Saturday during an attack in Afghanistan.

The Army medic went to help people after an explosion outside his post, but then there was a second explosion.

That explosionkilled 12 people and sent a wave of shrapnel into the soldier s leg.

His uncle says despite being wounded, Shultz continued to help others and dragged a fellow soldier to safety.

He went to care for other individuals and it wasn t until he had gotten back to their aid station when they realized wow, you re really hurt, said his uncle, Dave Bull. And that s when it set in to him, Wow, I really am hurt. He really is a hero.

Army officials gave Shultz the Purple Heart on the flight back to the U.S.

The soldier was heading straight home to Houston to meet his new baby.

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