HOUSTON A cell phone video of a big brawl at a Texans game is grabbing all sorts of attention on the Internet. The user who posted it on YouTube labeled it as happening at the Texans 49ers preseason game at Reliant.

That game was on August 18th. The video was uploaded on August 22nd.

What prompted the fight is unclear, and it s also unclear if anything was done to stop the melee.

It visibly starts at a verbal altercation and escalates into a physical fight, with fists flying in every direction. Both men and women are involved in the throw down, and only one or two people can be seen trying to break it up.

Texans fans who saw the video had strong opinions.

They need to make security better here at Reliant. You never know what s going to happen, said Ashley Banks.

Some passed judgment, wondering why the fight wasn t broken up sooner. Others acknowledged how difficult it must be to deal with unruly fans.

I think people have to keep themselves under control. The stadium can t do everything, said Nyisha.

The clip posted on YouTube lasts more than a minute and 30 seconds. Throughout that time frame, there isn t any uniformed security captured in the video.

Everybody needs to police themselves. There s only so much the facility and the people who work for the facility can do, said Rick Arciniega.

KHOU contacted a spokesperson at Reliant and sent her a link to the YouTube video of the fight. As of Friday night, she had not responded.

A different spokesperson at Reliant told KHOU that the stadium typically does not comment on security matters.

At this point, it s unknown if any action was taken following the fight.

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