HOUSTON Expressions of anger and outrage followed the shocking discovery of a badly burned dog that appears to have been deliberately set on fire.

The black lab was found on Tuesday, suffering from severe burns to his head and back.

It s an awful, awful thing, said Gail Naschke, an animal caretaker at the West Alabama Animal Clinic in Montrose. It s going to take a lot of time to get him healed and all the way better.

According to officials with the SPCA, workers there retrieved the animal after receiving an anonymous tip on Tuesday. When volunteers with the Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Group found out, they retrieved the animal and named it Will.

Eventually the dog will be adopted out, but for now it s being nurtured back to health at the animal clinic.

We believe he had to have been doused with some chemical, said Naschke. He must have stepped through it and then somebody must have set him on fire. He s on a lot of pain medication and strong antibiotics. But he s got a really good chance.

Officials still don t know who burned the dog or why.

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