GALVESTON, Texas Crews were doing some heavy-duty cleaning along the Texas coast Monday after thousands of dead fish washed ashore over the weekend.

Beachgoers Sam and Mary Cox were doing what they could to ignore the smell.

Yeah, it doesn t smell good. It s dead fish dead fish don t ever smell good, Cox said.

But that s exactly why people like Hernan Botero and his beach rake were there.

Yesterday it started, and it was mild. But as the time progresses and the fish started to decompose, the smell increases by the hour, he said. We ve seen the jellyfish come up, but never the fish like this.

Biologists believe low oxygen levels offshore are to blame for the fish kill, and they ve said it s no threat to humans.

Still, crews have a big job ahead to clear the beaches, section by section.

Once they do, things will look normal again and it can t come soon enough for those within smelling distance.

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