DALLAS -- The marquee outside a Dallas Whataburger didn't advertise any big burger deals. Instead, it welcomed their biggest fans.

Karl and Carol Hoepfner arrived to the last Whataburger on their checklist on Wednesday, completing their mission to visit every Whataburger in America -- that's 680 restaurant chains in 10 states!

The wayfaring Whataburger fanatics received quite the gift to show for their conquest. Whataburger presented them with a new van wrapped with a giant red ribbon at their final stop in Dallas.

A message on the van's door lets everyone know who's on board: I'm Whataburger's BIGGEST FAN. But you can call me Carol.

The couple, both in their 70s, planned the trip after Carol was diagnosed with cancer as a way to take her mind off her chemotherapy treatments.

They couldn't have picked a better date to finish their tour.

The couple penned their names in the Whataburger history books exactly 62 years after the opening of the first Whataburger in Corpus Christi.

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