DALLAS - Police arrested a man for the second time in two months for trespassing after he and his partner staged a sit-in at a county courts building.

Beau Chandler and his partner, Mark Major Jiminez, went to the Crowley Courts Building to apply for a marriage license Thursday. When they were denied, they began the sit-in. Jiminez was arrested at the end of the day.

How is our marriage going to affect your life? Jiminez said. When you're sitting down to the dinner table, how is the fact that we're married going to affect your life, at all? It's not! So why are you worried about it?

Chandler and Jiminez were arrested in early July after handcuffing themselves together in the Dallas County Clerk Records Building. Thursday was their initial hearing in the case from July. After leaving the hearing, they returned to the marriage counter.

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