SAN ANTONIO A San Antonio couple and their so-called babysitter are now behind bars facing charges ofinjury to a child.

Investigators say the children were severely malnourished and had signs of injury on their bodies.

Detectives said the suspects would punish the children for going to the fridge, and even made one hide inside a closet for up to eight hours at a time.

They said 29-year-old Jeremiah Caprice Coleman, 22-year-old Kayela Paige McClintick, and 22-year-old Joann Denise Brown, a woman who the couple claims was their live-in babysitter, are all accused of starving two young girls.

San Antonio police say two kids children were picked up and placed in Child Protective Services custody.

The young girls, ages two and six, were suffering from malnutrition, missing hair, and had bruises on their bodies. Police say according to the six-year-old child, the victims were fed only once a day. She said she wasn t allowed to touch the fridge, either.

Court documents state that the 6-year-old watched as her mother and their alleged babysitter performed sexual acts for men at the house where the children lived.
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