FRISCO A missing persons mystery grows in North Texas.

No one has heard from Nicole Dobry or her two children for nearly a week now. Police have issued two arrest warrants for her, while the children s father searches for them.

Dr. Chris Dobry spoke to News 8 about his missing children. I have known all along that something like this could happen, he said.

Dobry wants to find his children, two-year-old Gavin and six-year-old Sarah.

His ex-wife Nicole took the children on Thursday night for a scheduled visit. She was supposed to return them to their father Friday morning at 9 o'clock, but she never showed up.

I don't believe they are safe, Dr. Dobry said. She is capable of anything.

Frisco police released pictures of the children on Tuesday, asking for the public's help. Nicole Dobry is from Vietnam and has the children's passports. They fear she may try to leave the country.

Police found her car at the apartment complex where she lives in Dallas in the Turtle Creek area. And in it was her purse, her wallet, a couple of bank cards, and some cash as well as both kids' car seats in the back seat of the vehicle, Dr. Dobry said.

That adds to the concern. Dobry wonders why his ex-wife would fail to take those important items with her. The more time that goes by, the more concerned he becomes.

Instead of dropping the children, She could decide to kill them or dispatch them in some way, he said.

Police believe that someone may be helping Nicole Dobry, since she has family in Garland, Richardson and Mansfield.

Nicole Dobry had limited visitation rights, but those privileges have now been revoked.


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