HOUSTON All of the recent rain has wild mushrooms sprouting up everywhere, from parks to pathways to people s yards.

Mushroom roots hide underground all the time. The rain disperses their spores and that s when they sprout and spread.

Some readers have sent us photos of mushrooms more than a foot wide.

To me, they re more like a free surprise. You can mow em down, you can let em go, whatever you want to do, said plant expert T.J. Marks with Houston s Parks Department. They don t hurt the turf at all. They actually provide more nutrients.

One question that inevitably comes up: Can you eat wild mushrooms? While most mushrooms are edible, some are poisonous and can even be deadly.

Joan Delaney isn t planning to eat the ones she s been seeing on her daily walk, but she enjoys looking at them.

And people wonder if there s a God. You think man could make this? I don t think so, Delaney said.

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