HARRIS COUNTY A man could be mentally impaired the rest of his left after a road-rage fight and his family is angry because the other driver has not been charged.

I just want my son to back 100 percent himself, said Velma Harrell, whose son Gary is recovering in a hospital.

Harrell s son looks like the man she raised. However, he talks like a child. He s unable to speak clearly while he battles brain damage caused by a fight.

I can t say I m mad at the person who did it, Harrell said. I m angry and hurt because my son has to go through something over such a little petty stuff.

Last month, Gary picked up his cousin, Jasmine, in his mother s car. Jasmine said someone cut them off. Investigators said the other driver was rear ended. Gary hit a curb. The drivers argued from inside their cars. After traffic separated them for a few minutes, Gary s car pulled beside the other man. They exchanged words until Gary pepper-sprayed the other driver.

(Gary) was scared, Jasmine Harrell said. He was scared because he thought we were going to get into a wreck.

Instead, what happened next changed his life.

It was kind of surreal, Harrell said. I heard pow, pow, pow.

The other driver shot Gary in the head, wrist and finger. Most troubling to loved ones is what has happened since. Nearly a month after the shooting, it s unclear who if anyone will be charged. The Harrell family said they can t get any information from authorities.

We ve heard from no one, Jasmine Harrell said.

That makes me think no one cares, said Velma Harrell.

Off camera, a spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff s Office said the case and all evidence went to grand jury for examination. So far, no one is facing charges.

I understand Gary was in the wrong for spraying the pepper spray, I do understand that, Jasmine Harrell said. But, like I said from the start, (the other driver) was the aggressor.

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