DALLAS - Firefighters don't cry about a problem. They attack it.

That's what Dallas Fire-Rescue Lt. Ronnie Roe did for his friend Lt. Dameon Burcie as his 4-year-old son, Dyrk, entered the final stages of terminal cancer.

He's the sweetest little kid you'll ever meet, Roe said of Burcie's son.

After five surgeries, nine rounds of chemotherapy and a liver transplant, there is little left to be done for Dyrk. That is except enjoy what's left of their time while Dyrk is still strong and feeling good.

We get this happy time right now, Burcie said. But we know we're going to have that time as we come that we got to sit there and watch him pass away when he can't breathe and some of the hard times.

To support his friend at this bittersweet time, Roe asked his fellow Dallas fire stations to shoot group pictures for Dyrk, and each has tried to outdo the other, using fire, tools and their own bodies to spell out Dyrk s name.

The idea has spread to other fire departments across North Texas and the country. And now, it's not just firefighters, but sports teams and hospital nurses, too.

Roe plans to gather them into a book for the Burcies to keep and remember.

You get emotionally attached to them like you would your own brother, Roe said as he shed a tear. Something happens to them, you want to be there for them.

So much for firefighters not crying.

But, sometimes a problem cannot be fixed, only made easier to bare in knowing you are not alone.

In Burcie s case, it s a message delivered one picture at a time.


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