SPRING, TX -- Dale and Mary Wurst are counting down the days until they lose their home in Spring.

You can push around old people because they re not going to fight back, Mary Wurst said.

The couple married in 1965, just a few years after Dale left the Army. They have weathered a lot over the years, but nothing like their current prospect of foreclosure.

Last Thanksgiving Dale Wurst lost his job as a security guard. The family almost immediately fell behind on their mortgage payments, and by Christmas they were hearing from a collector.

But in some ways, their problems began years before that.

In 2009 the couple was reeled into their home through the promise of an advertisement.

$546 would get you into a brand new home, nothing down, Mary Wurst said.

When the couple received their first mortgage statement, however, it was more than $1,000 and they knew that they were in trouble.

A spokesman for the Wursts lender, Wells Fargo, told 11 News that they are trying to help. Yet it may be too little too late.

The foreclosure could happen before the bank finds a solution.

We don t mind paying, we don t want charity, we don t want anybody to give us money, Mary Wurst said. We just want to live.

Living for the couple, ages 69 and 78, is becoming more difficult. They had hopes in a lawyer who recently dropped their case.

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