RICHMOND, Texas A local musician is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl between services at a Richmond church.

Rodney Marcus Grimsley, 42, is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.

According to investigators, the assault occurred Sunday at the Zion Watchtower Baptist Church on FM 359.

Grimsley, a guitarist, was in a band that was playing at the church when he met the victim. Apparently, his band plays at churches all over Harris and Fort Bend counties.

[The victim was] outside playing. He struck up a conversation with her and got her to go back inside the facility for a few minutes. They started in the main area of the church, and then as things got a little more involved, they went to a more secluded room within the facility, FBCSO Chief Deputy Craig Brady said.

After the encounter, investigators said the two exchanged contact information.

The victim s mother saw communication between Grimsley and her daughter on Facebook and notified the Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office. The girl later told investigators about the alleged assault.

Authorities said the alleged assault was not violent and that Grimsley conned the young girl into taking part.

Grimsley, who is married and has three boys, was arrested at his home in Richmond Wednesday night and was being held Thursday in the Fort Bend County Jail on $175,000 bond.

Investigators said he has since confessed to the assault, and they re looking for other potential victims.

The suspect s brother-in-law said there s no way Grimsley would harm children.

This is the first I ve heard about that, said A,J. Garcia. This is ridiculous. There s no way he would touch a child.

Grimsley s criminal record includes prior convictions of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and auto theft, both out of Harris County.

Neighbors of the suspect were stunned by the news.

This is scary, said Estella Deleon, who lives across the street from the Grimsleys. I have grandchildren who I babysit for. Four girls and a boy. I hope it s not true.

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