HOUSTON There s a group of sassy women in Houston who are loud, they re proud and they re here to change your life. They call themselves Black Girls Run. . They gather weekly and they re not just a group of women; they re a sisterhood!

This group is so awesome, we have so much fun, we re getting fit, we re setting fitness goals, we re challenging ourselves, we re accomplishing things we never thought we could, says Black Girls Run member Jetolah Anderson-Blair.

Anderson-Blair is one of 700 girls who make up Black Girls Run. They come together at least once a week at various parks to hold each other accountable for staying healthy.

We re gonna tackle the obesity challenges in the black community. When you see the statistics, we re off the charts on all the bad things obesity, heart problems, diabetes. We re getting up, we re doing something, we re running, we re walking, we re moving, SAID Anderson-Blair.

Every girl came to this group with her own health challenges, but in numbers, they found support all the way to the finish line.

Black Girls Run meets every Saturday at 7am at Memorial Park but different groups meet during the week at Herman Park, Allen Parkway, Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land, Tom Bass Park near Pearland and Meyer Park near Spring.

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