HOUSTON Houston Police Department vice officers arrested 13 suspected prostitutes along Antoine and Highway 290 Tuesday afternoon.

The suspects were both men and women, and police said some of them had lengthy criminal records.

Crime in this part of northwest Houston has beena big problems for years. But with leadership from the Near Northwest Management District, the Antoine area appears to have turned the corner.The community did a study and has made significant changes.

I am a native Houstonian and I remember further up Antoine it used to be a really nice neighborhood, said James Matthews who lives in Mangum Manor.

And what s known as the Antoine Corridor is trying to get back to those good old days.

In Matthew s neighborhood, we saw people playing basketball and working in their yards Tuesday evening. It was clear people felt safe.

We feel pretty good about everything out here. I know there has been some crime back in here, but it s been relatively mild, Matthews said.

Cleaning up the Antoine Corridor actually began after Katrina evacuees made their way to this part of town. Some of the new residents clashed with drug dealers that were already here.

Residents in the fall of 2005 said they could hear guns fired nightly.

But working with the Near Northwest Management District, the police have made arrests and the area is improving.

Tuesday s prostitution arrests proved the area still has work to do.

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