AUSTIN, Texas The Texas Senate is considering a bill that would prevent a transgender person from marrying someone of the opposite sex.

Nikki Araguz, the transgender widow of a fallen Wharton firefighter, believes the bill is a direct attack on her.

Araguz has been fighting with her husband s family over his estate, as they challenge the validity of her marriage.

In Austin on Wednesday, Araguz pleaded with lawmakers to defeat the bill, which is sponsored by Tommy Williams of The Woodlands.

Mr. Williams, very snaky, attempting to strip the rights of a widow who has just lost her husband and is still grieving but is not fighting for civil liberties for myself and for other women and men like me born with a medical birth condition that is beyond our control, Araguz said.

The Senate has put off a vote on the bill for two days.

They could take it up on Thursday.

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