HOUSTON Less than 24 hours after Harris County Commissioner Silvia Garcia conceded defeat to her republican rival, people in the community she serves were licking their wounds over the loss of someone they considered to be a friend.

She was very important to the whole community, said Manuel Corral, the owner of Rosita s Mexican Restaurant, located in the heart of Precinct Two in northeast Houston.
The front yards of houses located near the restaurant are littered with campaign signs.

Garcia, who holds the highest elected office of any Latino in Harris County, was viewed with pride by many of the people living in the community she served.

She was always there for you at anytime and any moment, Corral said.
Garcia was defeated by political new comer Jack Morman, who until now, has never before held elective office.
State Rep. Armando Walle, the grandson of Mexican Immigrants, said Garcia s defeat leaves a difficult void to fill.

That position comes with a lot of responsibility and with a lot of influence that [was] used for good, said Walle.
Despite their disappointment, many of Garcia s constituents said they remain willing and open to working with the commissioner elect.

We will give him a chance to see what he can do, said Corral.

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