HOUSTON A Houston man says his attempt to prevent crime from striking his home has created a fight with his homeowners association.

Brady Roberts lives in a developing neighborhood called Ballpark Plaza just east of downtown and Minute Maid Park. New townhomes are under construction as old industrial warehouses continue to be torn down to make room for new residents.

Roberts said he has been tracking criminal activity in the area for months.

After I heard about the other continuing robberies, home invasions, even while people were home, that's when I decided to go ahead and install my burglar bars immediately and send in my application to the board, he said.

Board members from the local Ballpark Plaza Community Association said no to the burglar bars.

And I told them there is no better visible deterrent. I don t want to have to get into a violent confrontation with anyone. And this is the best way to keep anyone out of my house, he said.

Since May 1, the neighborhood association has been fining Roberts $25 a day.

I know it's not the most attractive thing, and I would love to not even have them, but with the crime and everything that is going on right now, I really don t see not having them as an option, he said.

So Roberts hired a lawyer and is suing the community association. He said he wants the bars to stay and the fines to be waived.

The neighborhood association did not return calls from 11 News Monday.

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