HOUSTON-- Metro is blaming the driver of one of its buses for Monday s collision with alight railtrain that sent nine people to area hospitals.

Reginald Rideout, 50, is being suspended without pay, pending the completion of the investigation. The 10-year veteran had three previous accidents -- two of which were considered minor, but preventable -- Metro officials said.

In 2005, a vehicle turned in front of Rideout s bus, striking theits bumper. In 2007, a rear exit light was broken by an unknown person. In 2009, Rideout struck the back of another vehicle, damaging the bike rack mounted to the front of the bus.

Overall, Metro Spokeswoman Raequel Roberts said Rideout was considered a good driver.

Then, on Monday at about 3:30 p.m., the bus struck the train. The impact knocked two cars off the track. A large hole was knocked into the bus windshield, and the driver s side of the bus was heavily damaged.

One of the riders taken to a hospital and since released, along with a passenger who was not given emergency care, have now retained personal injury attorney Terry Bryant.

State law limits the total damage on any one accident with a public agency, such as Metro, to $300,000. That is regardless of how many people are injured. Within that $300,000 cap, one person may receive up to $100,000.

Metro is releasing surveillance video of the accident from a camera mounted onboard the derailed train.

Meanwhile, Rideout s family said they are grateful no one appeared to be seriously hurt.

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