Avid readers love the atmosphere, the colors, and the reading materials they find in the book store, but they don't like spending a lot of money to buy them.

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May 13, 2009

You can save big at stores like Half Price Books.

Dana Miletello is one shopper who knows how much she can save there.

"Just now I found a treasure that is by a gentleman who is a fitness expert and at Barnes and Nobles, I was there yesterday, and his book was like $25, and here I just got through paying 2," she said.

That book isn't the only thing she found.

"(I also found) stationery, note cards, you know, they're pretty pricey other places," said Miletello.

Most of the literary creations at Half Price Books are used but some look brand new. There are also movies, music and even old vinyl albums.

Another plus is that Half Price Books will also buy your old books. If you take them a hot title, in good condition they'll give you about 15 percent of the original cover price. But the trick is not to spend that money on new stuff before you get out the door.

You can also find some great deals online. One site gaining popularity is called .

With a click you can trade books with others who use the site.

The company handles the whole exchange so you don't have to connect with a stranger. You send your old books, movies too, for free. But if you want to receive an item, you will pay a flat fee of $4.49 for each item.

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