HOUSTON More than 15 Asian women in Houston and Fort Bend County have been attacked after leaving work, investigators said Monday.

On Saturday, a woman says she left her foot spa business around 11 at night. When she looked in her rear view mirror, she saw two people following her. When she finally made it to her home in Fort Bend County, she said a man wearing a mask and gloves rushed her.

I stopped the car and locked the door. I was scared, said Jennifer Lei, the victim.

The person used a crow bar to smash her passenger side window in. A neighbor watched, not knowing what happened.

All you hear is boom boom and then you hear a shatter, said Tristina Wilson, a neighbor.

The victim tried to defend herself. Minutes later, she ran across the street for help.

In June, we showed you video of crooks using stolen credit cards at a gas station. Now, officers believe the same group of men is going around targeting Asian women.

Now Lei s daughter is nervous every time the phone rings.

Is the call that I m going to get telling me that she got robbed again. Is she OK? Did they beat her? Is she dead? They target them because they re helpless and defenseless and they won t do anything. They don t have a voice and they know that, said Jennifer Kuan, the victim s daughter.

The victim s family says investigators aren t doing enough. They re afraid someone might end up dying if the robbers don t get caught. They ve used six different cars in the crimes, including a blue Dodge sedan.

One person will remain behind the wheel while another will get out and smash the victim s window and grab the purse all while the victim is still in the car. The robbers then flee the scene in the car they arrived in.

According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office, most of the crimes involve women who were followed home from along Bellaire Boulevard on the west side of town.

Police do not have detailed suspect descriptions.

Information which leads to the apprehension and filing of charges could earn a reward of up to $5,000. Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS (8477).

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